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MadTeaParty's Gunslinger Girl Tv Review

Gunslinger Girl

Rated: 8

The anime certainly presents itself as something it isn’t initially, that is to say, girls with guns killing people and lots of action scenes. I was expecting something like another Noir, but with more girls and more killing. This really wasn’t the case. The anime was kind of presented like Noir and .hack put together. There wasn’t too much talking, but then again, there wasn’t superfluous action. Any scenes that were intense showed character and helped the girls shine. The anime really knows how to present action sequences at the right time, and for that, I give the makers credit.

I found the ability to enjoy the anime fairly high. One: it is fairly short (13 episodes) and there are no filler episodes. Two: You don’t see similar situations more than once.

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MadTeaParty's Phantom Brave Tv Review

Rated: 8

The game play is a step above Disgaea's, which is primarily because of the grid less battles. Everything becomes much more complicated, but more fun. First of all, battles don't take forever because of the fact that phantoms disappear after a certain number of turns. This is a definite plus. Second, it doesn't follow the "my army's turn then your army's turn" convention of other strategy RPGs. Speed plays a role and this helps implement the removal of phantoms feature. Moving around is incredibly fun, though a bit of a nuisance at some times. There is a lot more depth now that the terrain has a certain friction and bounciness, for lack of better word.

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MadTeaParty's Fullmetal Alchemist Tv Review

Fullmetal Alchemist

Rated: 9

This anime had all the things that I like to see in an anime. There was plenty of humor from characters like Ed, Armstrong, and Hughes. Of course, the characters were not 2D so they also contributed to making a depressing mood, along with other characters. Episodes moved along fairly smoothly and I still found myself on the edge whenever and episode ended. There was originality in the plot. The idea of equivalent exchange is really interesting and makes you think how you can apply it to real life. With humor, sadness, and a good plot, FMA didn't skimp on action either. The fight scenes were well done and were creative as well because alchemy doesn't limit the characters to just energy attacks and whatnot. I really can't find anything wrong with Full Metal Alchemist.

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